Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Lost Customer

To the young lady I dyed the 30a tshirt for, my family threw out your contact info while cleaning the house. please contact me through my website so I can get your tshirt to you dear.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Reasons I am glad I never became a Rock Star

People who have known me for a long time, know that for the longest time growing up and as a young adult, my dearest dream was to become a rich and famous entertainer. I was given a fair amount of vocal talent, and enjoyed performing even for large audiences. My first taste of the thrill of performance happened in 4th grade as I performed a solo for the entire pta in our christmas program Amal and the Night Visitors. I recieved my first standing ovation. I was HOOKED. Subsequent musical endevours included guitar, piano, and cello. I had just been invited to begin playing cello with the pacific youth orchestra in Newport Beach when we were forced to move, a new cello instructer was not to be found in Evergreen Colorado. My dreams were dashed again. I found my way back into the lime light though, performing with local community theatre, and soloing with the choir at school. It was a redeeming grace for an otherwise awkward socially misfit Jr. High Student. Even the popular kids would come up to me afterwards and comment on my ability. The principal himself told me I had a Bright future once after singing Bali-High in front of the entire student assembly. High school found me hitch-hicking to Denver to practice with a Blues band. I loved the adrenaline of singing through a mike with a full band playing behind me. They only reluctantly had to replace me when it became apparant that performing in clubs would bring too many legal difficulties with a minor in the band. After moving to Florida at 17 I continued trying to break into a music career, playing with 2 bands before trying to form my own band, which led me to the band my future Husband Dave was in. We were an immediate fit, my powerful voice fit right in with hard rock/heavy metal, And I looked good with 'big' hair. Every time we practiced, in my mind we were performing in a stadium to a packed house. Every performance we did play, in my mind we were LIVE at BudoKan!
Eventually after a long line of drummers, and other players coming and going, a number of disappointments, including my voice giving out to laryngitis before a Key gig, and the mishap of jumping off the stage in thigh high boots thus damaging ALL the soft tissue in both feet; I decided to hang up my microphone. I felt like the donkey who had the carrot dangleing before him just out of reach. Forever pulling the cart but never tasting that sweet juicy carrot. I shut down, musically, focused on my nursing career, and gained a ton of weight. Now days, I am happy creating tie dyes and living a different kind of creative life. I can find a lot of reasons to be greatful I never made it as a rock star:
1. I can still go to the grocery store in relative annonymity.
2. I dont have to sign autographs when I am dead tired, and have to smile when I just want to scream.
3. I have never had suffer the indignities of washed up rock star reality tv shows.
4. I have never had to spend time in rehab.
5. I have never lost an arm wrapping my sports car around a phone pole.
6. I have never had my entire stage blow down in a severe thunderstorm injuring and killing my fans.
7. and while we are on that vein, I have never had fans die trying to escape a burning night club.
8. I have never had to perform at my 'reunion' tour fat, bloated wrinkled and half the performer that I once was.
9. No weird Stalker Fans camped out on my front Lawn.
10. I havent died in a plane crash or been found in a pool of my own vomit od'd on pain killers.
I feel so much better now........

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Smart Phones

Call me old Fasioned, but I might just be the last 40 something in America without a smart phone. Maybe I am just unsusual, or the tightwad in me wont come off the 80 plus dollar a month plan fees, but I am still squeaking by with my old nokia pre paid, no bells and whistles phone. It is so old I can no longer text on it, I never really got into texting to begin with. I only pay about 200.00 a year for this phone. I still have a land line, and that suits me fine. The strange thing is, in fifth grade back in 1978 I wrote a science fiction story about a time when we would all watch tv on our wristwatches, and be able to see people we talked to on the phone. I diddn't realize at the time that I was so on the mark with this. So you would think I would be the first in line for one of these wonder phones right? but frankly all the new technology scares me a little. It took me long enough to learn about my computer, and keep up with all the updates, and security software ect....I was one of the last of my friends to hop on the facebook bandwagon, and I phones? I guess I havent been able to reconcile the need want vs expense equation with that one yet. Maybe I don't know what I am missing, Maybe my business would improve and life would become easier, but would it equal out to more than 60.00 a month worth of improvements? Maybe if I hold out long enough someone will come out with a plan that I can afford and feel good about.
Until then you can leave a message on my voice mail which I check several times a week......or email me that I check every day.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Happines Is.....

Happiness is Ac Moore Coupons!
Ac Moore is one of our local arts and crafts retail stores. A mecca for art junkies like myself. Unlike JO-ANNES around the corner, another great store that focuses more on fabric, Ac Moore has all the things that make a paper crafter,Painter happy, and the jewelry dept is not too shabby either. Now mind you this is NOT a commercial and I am not being rewarded in any way, I Just write here on my blog about what ever is floating my boat at the moment.
As An Ac Moore Rewards member I get an extra sense of satisfaction that I get Rewards certificates that are as good as cash!
Nothing sends me flying to my local store faster than recieving a 60% off coupon in my inbox, and having a rewards certificate arrive in the mail on the Same day, since I know from experience they can be combined! So I am happy happy happy with so much to choose from, jelly Stamps? Embossing powder? freshwater pearls? Watercolor paper? Gel Pens? Specialty yarns? Bamboo knitting needles? Holiday decor? Cake Decorating supplies? art kits for the kids? ahhhh I love wandering up and down the aisles, putting togeather all the possibilities in my head!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

My Youtube Channel

Here's the Link to my Youtube channel. Since I have figured out how to work the windows movie feature, I have been having fun editing and creating Vidios for Youtube.. I know Geeky Right? But it's me. hehe
I made myself a tiera and created a vidio of the process, I will probably do more of these type of craft vidios in the future. Also you can see vidio of my trip to cape cod last summer, kind of boring in spots, but the last vidio features some fantastic views of martha's vinyard sound and the nobska lighthouse. who knows what I will put up next? More vidio of my playing my guitar and singing? My next vacation or day trip excursion? or just something plain artsy.
If you friend me on facebook i will post notices when the new vidios go up. go to facebook and search kirsten ogden shouldn't be too hard to find me.....
sorry no button do-hickeys I have to feel you are motivated to be your friend on facebook.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010


well, the yearly shopping season is upon us, and many of us are already starting to shop by catalog and on line to make our christmas purchases. I want to share a few great websites with you:
Made in America Store
Features only products that have been manufactured in the USA. So Important that we support Local Businesses and Companies that bring JOBS to US citizens, I urge you all to Loot at these sources FIRST when making decisions for this holiday season.
Second is: here you will find many great gifts made by Crafters all around the USA. Many are work at home moms creating wonderful gifts for Kids and adults alike. Great place for Girlfriend and Sister,Mother in Law gifts.....
Thrirdly I Urge you to visit your local crafts festivals this fall with your shopping list in hand, This is one of the last great frontiers of the American Dream.

And Lastly Keep your Business Local, shop at Locally Owned Mom and Pop Shops and Galleries, like this store pictured above in Falmouth Mass, many of which feature superior goods and services to the big box stores. The money you spend local goes back into the Local economy and the American Wallet.
Consider shopping at Flea Markets and Antique Malls to keep from sending MORE of your hard earned money over seas. Dont forget Gift Certificates for Salons and Spas, or a Favorite Locally Owned Restaurant. Perfect Gift for a SPOUSE.
I think you will feel better about your Holiday Gift List if you take time NOW to plan to Shop in Ways that bennifit your local economy and our National Economy. Lets collectively support the brave souls who say YES America is STILL a great Manufactureing Nation!          

Saturday, September 25, 2010

The New new Boat

 So As you've probably ascertained by now the big boat is gone, no more sail boat, it went to a lovely man who has been sailing and finishing sailboats his entire life. The Temptress is in good hands. Which brings me to the next Boat in question. Yes, you know, Dave can't just sit with NOT having a boat for very long. After all we have made so many wonderful memories enjoying our local waters on boats of the past. So after weeks of ferverent searching he came up with a mid70-S Dixie Craft, 15.5 foot ski boat. The Motor needed work and he picked up the whole shebang for 400.00 an incredible deal. The motor has been fixed, and he is slowly working on the rest. Its good therapy for him, gives him something to focus on other than his parkinsons. Its good to see a little spring in his step again as he works to make it sea worthy. He can't wait to take the kids out to crab island, and troll for mackeral again in the bay. I think its more fun to watch the fireworks from the boat as well on the 4th, so I am not complaining. I decided the boat needs to be named the Dixie Chicken due to the 'dixie craft' reference and that it came to us Kentucky Fried RED. So that's what's up THIS Week in TiedyeKris's World.